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RRID(Research Resource Identifier) 论文引用规范 示例

Date:2022/06/12 Type:The Wall

RRIDResearch Resource Identifier 我们一起来了解

The Resource Identification Portal was created in support of the Resource Identification Initiative, which aims to promote research resource identification, discovery, and reuse. The portal offers a central location for obtaining and exploring Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) - persistent and unique identifiers for referencing a research resource. A critical goal of the RII is the widespread adoption of RRIDs to cite resources in the biomedical literature and other places that reference their generation or use. RRIDs use established community identifiers where they exist, and are cross-referenced in our system where more than one identifier exists for a single resource. Some examples are shown below, which are linked to metadata about each resource:

           Antibody: RRID:AB_2140114

           Organism: RRID:MGI:3840442

               Tool: RRID:SCR_003070       

         Plasmid: RRID:Addgene_80088

              Cell Line: RRID:CVCL_2299

To en sure they are recognizable, unique, and traceable, identifiers are prefixed with " RRID: ", followed by a second tag that indicates the source authority that provided it (e.g. "AB_" for the Antibody Registry, "MGI_" for Mouse Genome Informatics, "SCR" for the SciCrunch Registry).


1.       Select a resource type from the Search links above (Antibodies, Organisms, Tools).

2.       Enter a query to find the record of a resource of interest (see search tips below - a minute here will be well worth your time!).

3.       Review the metadata associated with the search results to ensure you have found the right resource. For more on information on a search result, follow its "View Table Data" button

4.       Click the "Cite This" button and copy the provided text into your publication.

The text obtained through the "Cite This" button is a full Research Resource Citation, which are pre-formatted snippets of text that can be copied directly into a publication. These consist minimally of an RRID, and may contain additional metadata depending on the resource type. Examples are provided below.

If your particular resource is not found, please add it to our system using the "Add a Resource" button at the top of the page, which will guide you to registering your resource with the proper authority, and provide an identifier to use in your citation. If you need to reference the resource without an RRID, please follow the "Resource Citation Guidelines" below to ensure the information you provide is sufficient for its unique identification.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         以上引至 RRID 门户WEB:


RRID是研究资源识别码 Research Resource Identifier(RRID) 的英文缩写,是指研究中使用的试剂、抗体、生物模型和计算机软件都应该采用的标准模式。这对科学研究的精确性和可重复性非常重要。RRID 的概念最早来自 NIH 2014 年资助的一项初步研究。

生物医学文献会涉及到大量试剂、抗体、组织样本和软件工具,但是文章中对所使用的材料和工具往往缺乏清晰的标注或标记不统一,导致其他学者难以保证实验的可再现性或者可重复性。资源识别项目旨在通过促进使用独特的研究资源识别码 (RRID),实现生物医学文献中资源的透明度。

RRID 使用很简单,已创建的 RRID 都集中在RRID网站上,作者只需要在数据库中检索所用材料的 ID(货号)就可以找到;对于尚未在 RRID 网站上创建的,作者可以为自己使用的材料创建新的 RRID,就可自动生产标准的文本


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